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We thrive on new ideas and fit the dynamic needs of modern celebrations. From birthdays to baby showers to engagement to wedding to corporate events, etc., we try to utilize all the resources judiciously and create every party experience truly mesmerizing for all the attendees.


Birthdays are unique, and birthday parties are even more. Our team takes the utmost care and responsibility to celebrate the big day with pomp and show. Whether it’s a birthday of your child, your parents, your siblings or your own, we make sure that everyone, including all your guests, has a lovely time. Our theme decors include attractive floral decorations, cake toppers and backdrop signage to make the party more enjoyable and happening. So, let us handle all the party details while you can concentrate on having a great time.

Baby Shower

A baby shower is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. Friends and family come together to express their joy towards – would-be mom. They “shower” gifts, love, and good wishes to the child in the womb and the woman carrying the child. Hosting a baby shower function is another way to welcome the baby with a sweet start. We make your friends and relatives much in action by using the right props like a moustache on a stick or cute cartoonish headbands. With lovely backdrops, we create the mushiest selfie-ready images.

Bridal Shower

Ahhh! The bridal shower is one of the most exciting celebrations in a girl’s life. Why not? Afterall, it’s a girl gang event and opportunity for guests to give her best gifts to set up the new home. We make every possible effort to dazzle up the party event with graceful theme decoration. We set up magic mirrors to let the girls snap out the most exciting photographs they would have ever dreamt of. We also offer a perfect bridal show to experience unusual jitters and leave you with everything you need for an amazing and stress free wedding!

Let’s Connect To Bring People Together

From theme gala to small gathering, we spark the events with smart, surprising and shareable decor. We facilitate our clients’ activities with specialized settings and event-specific entertainment elements that make their special day a happening and memorable occasion. We decorate the backdrop with amazing balloons, vibrant colours to produce unique imagery.


Whether it’s a silver jubilee, celebration of a new arrival, or a retirement party, milestone function has its own charm. Being a creative bunch of souls, we offer graceful floral design services and signage installation services to level up the celebration of milestones. From planning to design to execution, we consider your viewpoint and live your vision. So, let’s work together and throw an awesome milestone party for the guests.



Like any parents, you must also be excited about the 1st birthday celebration of your cute little munchkin. Why not? There is something beautiful about celebrating the 1st birthday of a little bundle of joy. Friends and family come together to enjoy the moment when a baby is into the creamy cake. It’s cute gestures bring twinkle into our eyes and joy into our hearts. Here at admira, we use modern signages, backdrops, props to create memories to treasure. We build a picturesque setting with coloured theme props, and sparkling background to celebrate the day in the most fun way.


An engagement party is a pre-marriage celebration. A couple exchanges their rings and takes vows to spend the rest of their life together. Here at admira, we offer a range of engagement themes like whimsical, classic, urban, retro or sophisticated. With our well updated and curious-minded team, we always try to come up with a distinctive style. Whether it’s the colour palette, backdrops or photo layout, we make sure that the celebration soars high from every aspect. Our team is also abreast with the current trends and tries best to organize one of a kind event.


Weddings are incredibly beautiful. They embark on a new phase of life. The wedding jitters that we feel while making preparations is beyond words. It’s not only the wedding outfit or jewelry or makeup or booking the venue that pumps our excitement level, but it’s also the wedding decoration we crave for the most. Admira can be your best partner to beautify your World of dreams. We offer the latest decor services to make the day most memorable for the couple and the guests

Corporate Events

Whether it’s client meetings, product launches, team-building events or seminars, we help your employees, clients or stakeholders to attend the fantastic celebration that they deserve the most. Our diligent team explores various elements like unique props, plinths, amazing backdrops, and walls decals, bringing no limits to creativity. It allows guests to click the most amazing shots. The event leaves you, your peers and your employees are awestruck. The feeling is simply irreplaceable and brings much-needed spark in the lives of all attendees.

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